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Jump Rope for Heart

The Heart Foundation’s Jump Rope for Heart is a skipping program for schools which teaches children how to keep fit and healthy while having fun!

Each year the program gets more than 400,000 school students from over 2,300 schools around Australia up and skipping.

Since it started in 1983, more than 90% of all Australian schools and over eight million kids have participated in Jump Rope for Heart.

Children learn physical activities like rope-jumping to help improve their strength, gain confidence, build stamina and extend their physical abilities in other activities.

Jump Rope for Heart is a fun activity, which is run by teachers in the school. However, children also learn a serious message about helping to save people’s lives by asking family and friends to sponsor their participation in the program.

Money raised for the Heart Foundation goes towards research that helps in the fight against heart disease and stroke.

For more information, or to register your school in the program, visit Jump Rope for Heart - Heart Foundation website (new window).