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Live Life Well @ School

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Why the Live Life Well @ School program?

Australian children are not as healthy as they should be. Many of them are putting on excess weight and not losing it as they get older. Over the past 20 years, rates of overweight and obese children have risen significantly in many countries around the world.

The most recent data indicates that almost one in four children in NSW are overweight or obese (NSW Schools Physical Activity and Nutrition Survey 2010). Obese children have a 25–50% chance of being obese as adults and this figure increases to around 75% for obese adolescents.Research has shown that a number of factors have contributed to this problem. Children are spending too much time watching TV and playing on the computer. They are consuming too many snack foods that lead to poor eating habits and children are not doing enough physical activity that makes them ‘huff and puff’.Providing children with the correct messages and experiences during their primary school years will set them up for making the right personal health choices later in life.

What is Live Life Well @ School?

The Live Life Well @ School is a long-term program that aims to get more students,more active, more often, as well as focusing on healthy eating habits.

The program aims to develop teachers’ knowledge, skills and confidence in teaching nutrition education and fundamental movement skills as part of the K - 6 Personal Development, Health and Physical Education (PDHPE ) syllabus.

The focus of these workshops is to provide primary teachers the opportunity to participate in a two-day professional learning workshop that promotes a ‘whole of school’ approach to physical activity and nutrition education.

Schools nominate a team of teachers to be involved in the project, who then develop and implement a plan for initiating a sustainable change in PDHPE in the school based on the Health Promoting School Framework (curriculum, culture and community).

What’s in it for your school?

  • Whole-of-school change in teaching and learning in PDHPE, which can be easily linked to the annual school report and/or school management plan.
  • A renewed focus on PDHPE programs, with the aim of improving the quality of teaching in physical education and nutrition education within the school.
  • An opportunity to foster community partnerships that promote and support whole of school strategies.
  • More opportunities for students to be more active, more often.

Schools participating in the Live Life Well @ School program will also receive support to assist them to implement their plan back at school, including:

  • teacher relief funding to allow up to two teachers to attend the two day workshop
  • an Action Plan grant of $2000 for each participating school
  • a copy of the Get skilled: Get active DVD
  • a USB drive full of resources to support teaching and learning related to physical activity and nutrition education
  • access to a range of free resources and programs, such as Live Outside the Box and Crunch & Sip®
  • fact sheets for parents (translations available)
  • access to professional support from the local Area Health Service to assist with whole-of-school initiatives and parent information.

Case studies

Many schools in NSW have participated in Live Life Well @ School over the past few years and have demonstrated a commitment to improving teaching and learning related to physical activity and nutrition and have implemented innovative ‘whole of school’ strategies. Some of these initiatives have been captured in the following case studies:


How do I register?

Click here to view the current semester timetable of Live Life Well @ School workshops.

Further information

For more detailed information about Live Life Well @ School visit the website