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Live Outside the Box

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Live Outside the Box is an interactive, fun, two-week challenge for Stage 3 (years 5 and 6) primary school students, on how to maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

Students are encouraged, with the support of their families and teachers, to Live Outside the Box for two-weeks. This means turning off the TV and computer games, getting outside, moving, playing and being more active. It also means reducing the amount of less healthy foods and replacing these with healthier alternatives.

As part of the challenge, each student receives a passport from their teacher. Each category in the passport represents healthy choices that students can make to maintain a balanced lifestyle. Students are awarded points each day for the following categories:

  • Eating a healthy breakfast
  • Drinking water instead of sugary drinks
  • Eating fruits and vegetables
  • Reducing the amount of ‘sometimes' foods
  • Being physically active
  • Reducing sedentary activities.

To ensure family involvement and support for the student, parents and carers sign off the passport each night. Teachers can also run a range of activities within the school community to promote and support the challenge.

Once the challenge is complete, students receive a certificate (Gold, Silver or Bronze) based on the amount of points they have totalled.

Where did it originate?

The challenge has been adopted from the Q4: Live Outside the Box developed by Northern Sydney Central Coast Area Health Service. Live Outside the Box is a partnership between NSW Health and the NSW Department of Education and Training.

How can my school benefit?

Live Outside the Box:

  • is FREE and can be implemented at any time throughout the school year
  • engages the whole school community and helps build momentum around the importance of a healthy, active lifestyle
  • can be used in a practical way to demonstrate the 5 ways to a healthy lifestyle and to support the PDHPE K-6 curriculum
  • includes a kit which contains instructions, teaching and learning activities, activity sheets, and school newsletter articles
  • is supported by Area Health Services contacts who can offer further advice and support.

How can I get involved?

Live Outside the Box is being promoted as part of the Live Life Well @ School initiative to all NSW Government primary schools. Live Outside the Box is also available as a ‘stand alone’ program for all NSW primary schools, including non-government schools.

Resources can be ordered through the NSW Resource Distribution Centre Live Outside the Box Order Form (PDF 30kb). For further information, contact your local NSW Area Health Service Health Promotion Unit.

Have fun participating!