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Munch & Move Family Day Care Training

 kids on rug

In 2011 and 2012 fourteen 'train the trainer' workshops took place in different locations across NSW.

The training for  family day care educators was then to be run by staff from the Family Day Care Schemes who attended the Munch & Move 'train the trainer' workshop run by the Early Childhood Training and Resource Centre (ECTARC).

Family Day Care educators who attend the 2 X 2 hour Munch and Move training sessions run by their Scheme will receive a set of high quality resources including the Munch & Move resource manual, poster, fundamental movement skills lanyards and fact sheets. 

Information for Family Day Care Scheme Munch and Move trainers

Staff from Family Day Care Schemes who have been trained to deliver the Munch and Move sessions can download 'on- training' materials by clicking here.