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Munch & Move Long Day Care, Preschool and Occasional Care Training

munch and move training course

The Munch & Move program offers free training workshops to educators working in the early childhood sector in NSW.  In Phase One, the Munch and Move workshops were offered to preschools, in Phase Two they were offered to long day care services, in Phase Three they were offered to all early childhood education and care services across in NSW.

Phase Five, which will commence in May 2014, will continue to offer the free training workshops to NSW long day care services, preschools and occasional care services that haven't sent educators to previous Munch and Move workshops. If places were available, educators from services that have attended in the past and wanted to refresh their knowledge or send new staff were welcome to attend.

The workshop can accommodate two educators from each service. It is recommended that services sends educators who will take a leadership role in promoting children's healthy eating and physical activity in the service.