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Munch & Move Reports

 teacher reading hungry caterpillar book to kids

Phase One: Preschool evaluation

Phase One of the Munch and Move program took place between July 2008 and August 2009. During this time, 52 workshops were conducted attracting over 1000 staff from approximately 400 NSW preschools, covering both metropolitan and rural locations.

The preschool phase of the program involved collaboration between NSW Department of Health, Area Health Services, the Early Childhood Training and Research Centre (ECTARC) and the Prevention Research Collaboration at Sydney University.  The program was supported by NSW Department of Human Services (Community Services) and the NSW Department of Education and Training.

One component of Phase One was an in-depth evaluation of Munch and Move which was conducted with a sample of 23 NSW Department of Education and Training preschools.  See link below for a summary report of this evaluation.

Munch and Move in Preschools: Summary report on implementation and evaluation Phase One (2008-2009) (PDF 267KB).