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Munch & Move Fact Sheets

The following Munch & Move fact sheets are available to view, download and print. Hard copies can be ordered using the appropriate order form, please visit Campaigns & Programs > Munch & Move Resources > Resource Order Forms

Key message fact sheets for parents:


Key message fact sheets for parents - translated into ten languages:

Please note: these factsheets are the old factsheets which still include information from the 2003 Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents in Australia.



  • Nepalese

       Choose water as a drink (PDF 528KB)

       Eat more fruit and vegetables (PDF 372KB)

       Select healthier snacks (PDF 405KB)

       Get active each day (PDF 382KB)


       Get active each day (PDF 385KB)
       Select healthier snacks (PDF 410KB)

       Eat more fruit and vegetables (PDF 371KB)