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Play for Life - Join a Sporting Club

basketball girls on bench

Play for life….join a sporting club is the philosophy of the Active After-school Communities (AASC) program.

This philosophy is based on the internationally recognised game sense approach to coaching.  The AASC program has adopted this philosophy as it creates a fun and inclusive environment for the introduction of sport and other structured physical activities to primary-school aged children.  This approach ensures children of all abilities are engaged in the activities and have a positive and successful experience.

The program introduces up to 70 different sports, as well as 20 other structured physical activities to primary school students across Australia with the aim of inspiring children to join a local sporting club and make sport a regular part of their lives.

Parents can use the AASC club finder to help connect with sporting clubs in their area.  Simply select your state and the sport you are interested in and then click Search.  Links to relevant websites will appear on your screen.

For more information about the AASC program visit or find your nearest sporting club visit  To find out more visit the Play for Life...join a sporting club Australian Government, Australian Sports Commission website (new window).