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Coco Banana Bites

 Coco Banana Bites


1 orange
2 medium sized bananas
1/2 cup dessicated coconut


Lemon squeezer
Chopping board and knife
Greaseproof paper (optional)
Small bowl



1. Squeeze the juice from the orange. Pour into a small bowl.

2. Peel the bananas. Cut off the ends.

3. Cut bananas into bite size pieces.

4. Spread coconut onto a sheet of grease proof paper or onto a cutting board.

5. Using a skewer or a fork, dip banana pieces into the orange juice.

6. Roll banana in coconut.

7. Eat immediately, or keep in the fridge until chilled.


Serves 4
Preparation Time 10 mins
Cooking Time Nil

This recipe is kindly provided by the Heart Foundation and can be found in the Deliciously Healthy Cookbook.