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NSW Department of Education and Communities

Education about nutrition is an important part of the school curriculum in NSW. The goal is to help children understand the importance of having a healthy diet and developing healthy eating habits.
Nutrition - NSW Department of Education and Communities website (new window) 

PDHPE K-6 syllabus for NSW schools (new window) 

Interactive Whiteboard Activities resources 

This website brings together curriculum resources and professional learning to support teachers deliver quality teaching through using interactive whiteboards and video conferencing equipment. Check the interactive whiteboard activites for nutrition in the PDHPE section.
Connecting Learning in my Primary Classroom, teacher resources - NSW Department of Education and Communities website (new window)

Curriculum planning framework with programming support: Units of work 

The COGs curriculum planning framework organises outcomes in connected groups within and across each K - 6 stage. 

NSW Department of Education and Communities: COGS; Curriculum support website (new window)

TaLe - Teaching and Learning Exchange

The website is the NSW Department of Education and Training’s gateway to primary and secondary online teaching and learning resources.
TaLe: Teaching and Learning Exchange - TaLe website (new window)


An overview from the World Health Organisation and links to a range of quality resources on the topic of obesity, for primary and secondary students, including TAS and PDHPE resources from CLI. Includes information as to syllabus relevance for PDHPE and Food technology, plus links for teacher contributions. Laptop friendly resource.

A page with a focus on food habits, exercise and energy balance with supporting activities and links to resources. Laptop friendly resource.

A page with a focus on identifying and analysing accurate sources of nutritional information with supporting activities and links to resources. Laptop friendly resource.

Live Outside the Box resource

Live Outside the Box is a resource consisting of a teacher guide and a student passport that aims to involve Year 5 and 6 students and their families in a two week challenge to Live Outside the Box and to turn off the TV and computer games more often, get outside, get moving and playing and being more active. It also encourages students to eat less unhealthy foods and drinks and make more healthy choices as part of the Live Life Well @ School program.

Q4: Live Outside the Box - Primary School Passport & Mini Passport Activity - NSW Health Promotion website (new window) 

Crunch&Sip® resources

Crunch&Sip ® is a set break during the school day for kids to eat fruit (or salad vegetables) and drink water in the classroom. The idea is to help students ‘re-fuel’ with healthy food during either a morning or afternoon break and boost their physical and mental performance and concentration in the classroom.
Crunch&Sip Campaign - Crunch&Sip website (new window)  

Kitchen gardens

Kitchen and food gardens are an increasingly popular way for schools to promote environmental and sustainability learning and to connect students with healthy food and lifestyles. 

NSW Department of Education and Communities: Programs; Curriculum support website (new window) 

Weigh up your lunch

This fun and interactive game invites kids to take a look in their lunchbox and see how different combinations of foods can add up to a healthy or not-so-healthy lunch.
Go for Your Life: Weigh Up Your Lunch interactive Flash Game - Victoria Government, Go for Your Life website (new window)   

Healthy eating activities

This school-based nutrition program aims to contribute towards improved health and wellbeing among Australian children. It includes activities for Years K–7, as well as fact sheets for teachers (Queensland Dept of Education, Training and the Arts).
Active-Ate: About Active-Ate - Queensland Government, Department of Education and Training website (new window)