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Two schoolgirls eating fruit

Crunch&Sip® is a set time in primary schools for students to ‘refuel’ on vegetables, salad and fruit and ‘rehydrate’ with water. Students who are not hungry and are well hydrated perform better in the classroom, show increased concentration, and are less likely to be irritable and disruptive. Many students are not eating enough vegetables and fruit or keeping sufficiently hydrated.

Each school can choose a suitable time and way to implement Crunch&Sip® that fits with the school’s timetable. It may suit the school for all classes to have Crunch&Sip® at the same time, or for individual teachers to decide when it best suits their class schedule. Teachers may have Crunch&Sip® time while students continue on with their work, or stop work and hold a Crunch&Sip® specific activity inside or outside of the classroom.

Watch this video to find out how schools have successfully implemented Crunch&Sip®.


Health Promotion Officers from Local Health Districts support schools in implementing Crunch&Sip®.

Download the Crunch&Sip® School Implementation Checklist (PDF 384KB) to help guide you through to becoming a fully implementing Crunch&Sip® school!

What teachers are saying about Crunch&Sip®

"It’s well worth the time it takes to have Crunch&Sip®, to improve students’ concentration for the remainder of the morning”

Crunch&Sip® is having an impact on students’ learning and making a difference to children’s lunchboxes, which now often contain much healthier options.”

“Some classes were already having a fruit break. Having Crunch&Sip® gave consistency across the whole school”

“We were concerned at the amount of processed foods students were consuming. To encourage healthier eating habits, the school introduced Crunch&Sip®. The outcomes have demonstrated the positive and life-changing influences that we, as teachers, can have upon our students.”

Crunch&Sip® started fairly slowly, although as people
started to see the benefits it increased.”

Classroom resources

Would you like to encourage your students to increase the variety of fruit and veg they bring to school or the amount of water they consume?

Crunch&Sip® poster and stickers  
The Crunch&Sip class poster and reward stickers have been specially designed to help teachers achieve these goals. 

The A3 size class poster can be used with the 19 mm reward stickers to tally class participation and achievement. Alternatively, you can use the poster with standard dot stickers, star stickers or marker pens.

The reward stickers come in 2 sizes. The 19 mm size fits neatly on the class poster. The 40 mm size is ideal for students to place on their shirt to show their achievement.

Both sets of resources have been provided in two formats: one for in-house printing, on a standard office printer, and one for printing by a commercial printer.

Information on how to use them, including how to print them, can be found here (PDF 72KB).

A3 class poster

In-house printing

Commercial printing

Reward Stickers

In-house printing of the reward stickers in 19mm size:

Commercial printing of the reawrd stickers in 19mm size:

In-house printing of the reward stickers in 40mm size:

Commercial printing of the reawrd stickers in 40mm size:

Registrations for Fruit & Veg Month 2017 is now open!

Fruit & Veg Month is a health promotion program for NSW primary schools that puts a positive focus on fruit and vegetables. The program is supported by NSW Health.


Fruit & Veg Month 2017 will be held during the last four weeks of Term 3, from 28 August to 22 September. 

The theme for this year is 'Get Loud for Fruit & Veg!' Australian children (and adults) don't eat enough fruit and vegetables. That's why this year's theme will focus on the benefits of fruit and vegetables, investigating why we don't eat enough of them, and promoting the 'eat more' message to peers, families and the wider community. 

Register for the program to receive free resources including:


  • Easy to use classroom activities (ES1-S3) that meet PDHPE and other curriculum outcomes
  • Access to interactive whiteboard materials that meet multiple curriculum outcomes 
  • Class posters and student reward stickers
  • Ideas for whole of school activities and access to student competition. 

​Registration is free. To register your NSW primary school, use the easy online form found on the Fruit & Veg Month page -  

What to pack for Crunch&Sip® information for parents

Crunch&Sip® means vegetables, fruit and water only. To spread the message of Crunch&Sip®, why not use these enewsletter snippets (Word 15KB) in your next school newsletter to parents. Schools may also like to distribute this A4 flyer on What to Pack for  Crunch&Sip® (PDF 1.56MB).

Below are some images you can use in your enewsletter:

Image 1: Crunch&Sip TickandCross

Image 2: Crunch&Sip Tick Only

Image 3: Crunch&Sip Cross Only

Image 4: Crunch&Sip Packs 

If you would like to promote Crunch&Sip® through your school's social media platform, try these tiles: 

Social Media Tile 1: TickandCross

Social Media Tile 2: Tick Only

Social Media Tile 3: Cross Only

Social Media Tile 4: Packs 

Crunch&Sip® Case Studies

You may wonder why a fruit break already occuring at the school should be changed to Crunch&Sip®.Gundagai South Public School (PDF 281KB) provides a good example of how a school decided to change their fruit break to Crunch&Sip®.

Bossley Park Public School (PDF 661KB) describes how their school's Live Life Well @ School Committee helped drive and promote Crunch&Sip® initiatives across the school.

The successful implementation of  Crunch&Sip® at Coffs Harbour Public School (PDF 499KB) was made possible because the program was supported by and involved the whole school community including students, teachers and parents.

Crunch&Sip® Parent Brochures

Brochures with information for parents about Crunch&Sip® are available in English (PDF 1.39MB), Arabic (PDF 1.39MB), Mandarin (PDF 733KB) and Macedonian (PDF 567KB). To order copies of the Parent Brochures click here (Word 3.13MB) (available only for NSW schools).

The new Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack - 2nd Edition

The popular Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack was fully revised and updated in December 2015 with additional classroom activities provided in Dec 2016. 

This 2nd Edition of the Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack contains:

  • A revised Crunch&Sip® school implementation guide
  • Food and nutrition focused classroom activities that fit within the NSW primary schools PDHPE curriculum and also meet other cross-curricula outcomes
  • Short activity ideas based around healthy eating
  • Background nutrition information and helpful resources for teachers

A hardcopy of the updated resource (folder) was sent to all Crunch&Sip® schools in Term 1, 2016. If you are a Crunch&Sip school and have not received a copy, contact your Live Life Well @ School health promotion officer. 

Alternatively, the resources are available for download here:

Crunch&Sip® Introduction and Implementation Guide (PDF 1.77MB)

Classroom Activities: Introduction and Contents (PDF 1.83MB)(updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Early Stage One (PDF 158KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Stage One (PDF 346KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Stage Two (PDF 439KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Stage Three (PDF 420KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Worksheets 1-43 (PDF 5MB) (updated Dec 2016)

Quick Brain Breaks (PDF 792KB)

Nutritional Information (PDF 891KB)

Resources (PDF 65KB)

A-Z of Veg and Fruit (PDF 3.66MB)


Additional Resources

Information snippets (Word 17KB). Download snippets for the school newsletter or website. Topics include ideas on packing Crunch&Sip® and ways of encouraging children to eat more vegetables, fruit and drink water.

Crunch&Sip tips (PDF 118KB). Ideas to ensure all students have fruit and vegetables for Crunch&Sip®.

Crunch&Sip® student certificate (PDF 887KB). Download the editable PDF student certificate – just insert student name and class or school and print. Each teacher or school can decide how they’d like to award the certificates.

Fruit and vegetable costumes (PDF 692KB). Instructions for making fruit and vegetable cosutumes, ranging from simple to more complex.

Sample Crunch&Sip® policy (Word 94KB). Download the policy template to help draft a school Crunch&Sip policy.

Crunch&Sip® Staff presentation (Powerpoint 887KB) and Crunch&Sip® Parent presentation (Powerpoint 867KB). These powerpoints can be presented to school staff and parents to gain their support to implement Crunch&Sip® at the school.

For more information contact

Angela Hua

Program Manager

NSW Office of Preventive Health