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Crunch&Sip® Information for Parents

Two schoolgirls eating fruit

What to pack - information for parents

Crunch&Sip® means vegetables, fruit and water only. To spread the message of Crunch&Sip®, why not use these enewsletter snippets (Word 15KB) in your next school newsletter to parents. Schools may also like to distribute this A4 flyer on What to Pack for  Crunch&Sip® (PDF 1.56MB).

Below are some images you can use in your enewsletter:

Image 1: Crunch&Sip TickandCross

Image 2: Crunch&Sip Tick Only

Image 3: Crunch&Sip Cross Only

Image 4: Crunch&Sip Packs 

If you would like to promote Crunch&Sip®  through your school's social media platform, try these tiles: 

Social Media Tile 1: TickandCross

Social Media Tile 2: Tick Only

Social Media Tile 3: Cross Only

Social Media Tile 4: Packs