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New Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack - 2nd Edition

Two schoolgirls eating fruit

The popular Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack was fully revised and updated in December 2015 with additional classroom activities provided in Dec 2016. 

This 2nd Edition of the Crunch&Sip® School Resource Pack contains:

  • A revised Crunch&Sip® school implementation guide
  • Food and nutrition focused classroom activities that fit within the NSW primary schools PDHPE curriculum and also meet other cross-curricula outcomes
  • Short activity ideas based around healthy eating
  • Background nutrition information and helpful resources for teachers

A hardcopy of the updated resource (folder) was sent to all Crunch&Sip® schools in Term 1, 2016. If you are a Crunch&Sip school and have not received a copy, contact your Live Life Well @ School health promotion officer. 

Alternatively, the resources are available for download here:

Crunch&Sip® Introduction and Implementation Guide (PDF 1.77MB)

Classroom Activities: Introduction and Contents (PDF 1.83MB)(updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Early Stage One (PDF 158KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Stage One (PDF 346KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Stage Two (PDF 439KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Stage Three (PDF 420KB) (updated Dec 2016)

Classroom Activities: Worksheets 1-43 (PDF 5MB) (updated Dec 2016)

Quick Brain Breaks (PDF 792KB)

Nutritional Information (PDF 891KB)

Resources (PDF 65KB)

A-Z of Veg and Fruit (PDF 3.66MB)