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Finish with the Right Stuff

Three ambassadors from AFL, netball and rugby league

Finish with the right stuff logoFinish with the Right Stuff is an exciting program launched by NSW Health to encourage children who participate in junior community sport to eat healthy and drink water after sport. The program has partnered with Netball NSW, the Australian Football League and the National Rugby League in NSW.

The Finish with the Right Stuff program encourages kids to drink water and choose healthier food after participating in community sport activities. Junior community sports clubs could provide healthy environments to promote healthy eating and drinking.

Specifically, the program aims to increase the proportion of:

  • kids aged 5 to 16 consuming water, rather than sweetened drinks, while participating in community-based sports, and
  • community-based sport canteens supplying and promoting healthy food and drink items to players and other patrons.

Who Are We Trying to Reach?

The program targets kids aged 5 to 16, as well as parents, coaches, canteen volunteers and club presidents – groups who can all make a difference to help ensure healthier options are available in junior community sports club/ association canteens.

The program encourages:

  • parents to help their children finish with the right stuff after the whistle blows
  • kids to know that champions don’t run on unhealthy food and drink
  • canteen volunteers to stock their canteens with healthy food and drink
  • club presidents and managers to ensure their clubs provide healthy options to members
  • coaches to help their players make healthier choices before, during and after games

Champions Who Finish with the Right Stuff

The Finish with the Right Stuff program is supported by well-known ambassadors from Netball NSW, the Australian Football League, and the National Rugby League in NSW. Program ambassadors include Jude Bolton - AFL, Sydney Swans. Kimberly Green - Netball, NSW Swifts, Nathan Hindmarsh - former NSW Blues State of Origin player

For more information, visit Finish with the Right Stuff website (opens new window)