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Fun Moves - Teaching fundamental movement skills in the early years

Fundamental movement skills are the building blocks of movement. They are a specific set of gross motor movements that involve different body parts such as the feet, legs, trunk, hands, arms and head, and are essential for children’s participation in sport and physical activity throughout life.

These Fun Moves videos were developed by the Central Coast Local Health District Health Promotion Service to support early childhood educators teach preschool children the 13 fundamental movement skills.

Below you will find links to videos of the individual Fundamental Movement Skills (FMS) along with associated games.

Please view the Introduction to FMS and Additional Information videos first.

Fundamental Movement Skills videos

Introduction FMS


Additional information

Stability skills  
  Games incorporating FMS


Lily Pad Jumping 


Rabbit Tag 
Hop  Animal Hop  
Gallop  Riders and Horses 
Leap  Hurdles 

Crab Relay 

Skip  Red Light Green Light 
Catch  Catchy Rounders 
Underarm Throw  Target Throwing  
Overarm Throw  Bombardment 
Kick  Soccer Skittles 
Stationary Dribble Stocking Strike  Basketball
Striking a Stationary Ball   Stocking Strike 
Conclusion to FMS  Conclusion to Games