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Duck, Duck, Goose – Extending a familiar children’s game to include more movement

children playing duck, duck, goose

Children love the game ‘Duck, duck, goose’ but when it is played the traditional way, only two children are ever active at a time. Jodie, an educator at Keiaraview Children’s Centre reflects on this opportunity to involve all children in the experience instead of having most of them sitting and waiting for their turn.

To give the children a voice in the planning of the activity, Jodie asks the group what movement they may like to do instead of sitting. The extension of the game to include movements suggested by the children not only builds upon the children’s FMS development but also their exposure to a variety of movements in play.

Watch the video below.

Note: This video references National Quality Standard Element 2.2.2. As of 1/2/18, this corresponds to the revised National Quality Standard Element 2.1.3 - Healthy lifestyle.