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Munch & Move Fact Sheets

teachers/carers reading healthy kids literature

The following Munch & Move fact sheets are available to view, download and print. Hard copies can be ordered using the appropriate order form, please visit Campaigns & Programs > Munch & Move Resources > Resource Order Forms

Key message fact sheets for families:


Fact sheets for Aboriginal families:

Translated fact sheets for families:

Below are these 3 easy to read fact sheets translated into 9 different community languages.


  • Arabic

Eat Healthy - Arabic (PDF 589KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Arabic (PDF 327KB)

Get More Active - Arabic (PDF 262KB)

  • Chinese

Eat Healthy - Chinese (PDF 913KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Chinese (PDF 735KB)

Get More Active - Chinese (PDF 568KB)

  • Greek

Eat Healthy - Greek (PDF 601KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Greek (PDF 484KB)

Get More Active - Greek (PDF 400KB)

  • Hindi

Eat Healthy - Hindi (PDF 584KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Hindi (PDF 440KB)

Get More Active - Hindi (PDF 369KB)

  • Italian

Eat Healthy - Italian (PDF 579KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Italian (PDF 478KB)

Get More Active - Italian (PDF 377KB)

  • Korean

Eat Healthy - Korean (PDF 584KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Korean (PDF 459KB)

Get More Active - Korean (PDF 376KB)

  • Spanish

Eat Healthy - Spanish (PDF 580KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Spanish (PDF 482KB)

Get More Active - Spanish (PDF 221KB)

  • Tagalog (Filipino)

Eat Healthy - Tagalog (PDF 582KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Tagalog (PDF 481KB)

Get More Active - Tagalog (PDF 372KB)

  • Vietnamese 

Eat Healthy - Vietnamese (PDF 586KB)

Healthy Lunchboxes - Vietnamese (PDF 401KB)

Get More Active - Vietnamese (PDF 313KB)