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 kids playing an active game on floor

A key resource developed to support the Munch & Move program is the Munch & Move Music CD. The CD contains 15 catchy songs written by the Jingle Jams that reflect the Munch & Move key messages. The CD is great for use within early childhood services, at home and in the car.


Children love to move and dance to many of the songs on the CD, especially those that promote physical activity.Songs that promote healthy eating and drinking are great for playing at meal and snack times and for group sing-alongs.


Download the Music CD Songbook

The words to the each of the songs are available by downloading the Munch & Move Music Songbook (PDF 1MB)


Download the Munch & Move Songs

Click on the name of the song to download the mp3 music file and right mouse click on the link to save it to your desktop or a folder location of your choice.

Song Title



1. Munch & Move

1:20 MunchandMovesongbookfinal1.txt
2. I Love to Move 2:21 MunchandMovesongbookfinal2.txt
3. Warm Up Song 2:26 MunchandMovesongbookfinal3.txt
4. Water, water, water 1:41 MunchandMovesongbookfinal4.txt
5. Let's all Move Together 1:54 MunchandMovesongbookfinal5.txt
6. Sliding 1:49 MunchandMovesongbookfinal6.txt
7. Fruity Treat 1:27 MunchandMovesongbookfinal7.txt
8. My Lunchbox 1:50 MunchandMovesongbookfinal8.txt
9. Twist, Balance, Shake, Run 2:19 MunchandMovesongbookfinal9.txt
10. Super Me! 1:40 MunchandMovesongbookfinal10.txt
11. Where we go Shopping 1:45 MunchandMovesongbookfinal11.txt
12. Turn off the TV



13. Picnic Day



14. Bounce the Ball



15. Messages in the Mail