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Community Organisations and Healthy Kids

 two boys in pool with yellow ball

Local councils and community organisations can play an important role in creating opportunities for kids and families to lead healthy, active lives.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Provide and maintain parks and public accessible facilities, such as playgrounds or walking and cycling paths, to encourage community participation in physical activity.
  • Provide healthy eating and physical activity information materials through community venues, such as local libraries, sporting organisations and facilities and shopping centre promotions. The Healthy Kids fact sheets and poster are available to order for free* from the Order Fact Sheets page.
  • Work with local sporting organisations and facilities to promote healthy canteens and healthy catering at events and venues - replace foods that are high in added sugar, salt or saturated fat with healthier alternatives.
  • Ensure that events hosted by your council or community organisation provide healthy catering. More information can be found on the Healthier Catering page.
  • Provide drinking fountains in appropriate locations and venues throughout the community to encourage people to drink water instead of sweetened drinks.
  • Establish an ‘active’ toy or sporting equipment library to help families and children to be physically active.
  • Develop a directory of local physical activity opportunities for families and children that includes sporting and recreational activities in the local area.
  • Work with the local media to promote healthy eating and physical activity messages and opportunities.
  • Work with local sporting organisations to provide options for ‘active’ community events, such as walks, fun runs and community sports fairs.

* Ordering fact sheets is available to NSW residents only.