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Sporting Clubs and Healthy Kids

 rugby boys

There are lots of ways that local and regional sporting organisations can promote physical activity and healthy eating among children and families in their community.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • Hold sport participation and skill development sessions for local schools during out of school hours so there are extra opportunities for kids and teens to be active.
  • Adopt a participatory approach to coaching, so that kids and teens of all levels and abilities can be involved and have fun.
  • Promote healthy food in canteens and food service (including vending machines) within the sporting club environment and provide food and drinks that are low in added sugar, salt or saturated fat.
  • Establish a uniform pool at the club to help lower costs for families and boost participation.
  • Promote the fun aspects of sport and physical activity to kids and teens and ensure that having fun and learning new skills are part of all training sessions.
  • Include regular articles about healthy eating and physical activity in your club newsletter and include links to the Healthy Kids website.
  • Hold healthy fundraising activities for the club, such as fun runs or raffling sports equipment, as an alternative to selling chocolate or other less healthy foods.
  • Promote and provide water as a drink for children participating at your club, instead of sports drinks, fruit juice, flavoured water or other sweetened drinks.
  • Include healthy eating and physical activity information materials in registration packs for kids and teens participating at your club. Healthy Kids fact sheets are available to download from the Fact Sheets page.
  • Seek sponsorships for your club from organisations that promote physical activity or healthy foods, such as a local sports store or fruit market.
  • Provide ‘active’ rewards, such as sports equipment or vouchers for club presentation nights, as an alternative to fast food vouchers.