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Kids & Teens

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Get active each day
Choose water as a drink
Eat more fruit & vegies
Turn off the TV or computer and get active
Eat fewer snacks and select healthier alternatives
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5 ways to a healthy lifestyle

Kids and teens, this red stars section is full of information just for you! Find out about how you can be healthy by following the 5 Ways to a Healthy Lifestyle. The 5 ways include getting active each day, choosing water as drink, eating more fruit and vegies, choosing healthier snacks and reducing the amount of time you spend watching TV or playing games on the computer or small screen devices.

Not being active is one of the reasons why kids and adults become overweight or obese. Being overweight puts a lot of strain on bodies and causes lots of health problems as people get older. You can get active and eat healthily to prevent this!

Both the Kids and Teens sections have interesting Stats and Facts, Resouces and Activities as well as Physical Activity Ideas that you should know about. Below are just some highlights, so read on to learn more about ways to help you feel your best!