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Healthy Kids Activities

2 potatoes in bowls of water - one with salty label and one with not salty label

Think a vegetable can’t teach you anything? Well think again! Try these cool experiments and activities and see what you learn!

Colourful celery experiment

Place a celery stalk in a clear container. Fill it up three-quarters full with brightly coloured water (just add some food colouring). Look at what happens over the next few days. You should see the celery drinking the water.

Try the experiment with other plants – maybe one with a white flower. What do you predict will happen?

Plants draw the water up their stem and send it on to their leaves and petals. Carefully cut the stem. Can you see the coloured water inside?

Like the celery, your body is mostly water. Without water your body won’t work properly.

Salty potato experiment

Cut a potato in half. Fill two saucers/dishes with water. Mix salt into one of the dishes and then label them so you which one has the salty water. Place one potato half into each dish with the cut/flat side down – watch what happens after about 30 minutes. The salt water draws the water out of the potato, causing it to shrivel.

Like the potato, salty food and drinks make people thirsty. You should only have these foods occasionally.

Vegetable person drawing

Draw your own ‘vegetable person’ using real vegetables, photos of vegetables or a combination of both.

The picture of Vegieman may give you some ideas.

It’s good to eat a variety of vegetables over the week. Be daring and try some new ones. You’ll be surprised how good they taste!

Traffic light fruit kebabs

To make traffic light fruit kebabs, you’ll need:

  • red fruit, such as strawberries or plums
  • orange fruit, such as rockmelon or mandarin
  • green fruit, such as honeydew, green grapes or kiwi fruit
  • wooden skewers or large tooth picks.

Cut the fruit into bite-size chunks or balls. Thread a piece of red, orange and green fruit on a stick to make it look like a traffic light. You might be able to fit two traffic lights on a longer stick – or even more!

The kebabs are now ready to eat and enjoy. What’s your favourite colour?

As a special and healthy treat, make a plate of kebabs for your family or friends – but make sure you pull the stick out before you eat them!