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Healthy Kids Quiz

 fruit kebabs

How healthy are you?

Reckon you keep yourself fit and healthy?

Have a go at this quiz and see how your nutrition and activity levels stack up.
And answer honestly – after all, only you need to see the results!


1. How many serves of fruit do you usually eat in a day, including fresh, canned and dried fruit?

a) none
b) one
c) two or more

2. How many serves of salad and vegetables do you usually eat in a day, including raw and cooked vegetables?

a) none
b) between one and three
c) four or more

3. How many snack foods – such as chips, chocolate or cake – do you usually eat in a day?

a) three or more a day
b) one to two a day
c) none

4. How many sugary drinks do you usually drink in a day, including cordial, fizzy drinks and fruit juice?

a) two or more a day
b) one to two a day
c) none

Physical activity:

5. How much moderate (breathing quicker than normal) or vigorous (huffing and puffing) exercise do you usually do in a day

a) 0 - 30 minutes
b) 30 - 60 minutes
c) 60 minutes or more

6. How often do you walk, cycle, skateboard or ride a scooter to school?

a) never
b) sometimes
c) most days

7. How often do you spend time doing active things with your family (like playing at home, walking the dog, cycling or swimming)?

a) never
b) once or twice a week or less
c) more than twice a week

8. How much time do you usually spend watching TV, playing computer games, reading or doing homework?

a) more than two hours a day
b) between one and two hours a day
c) no more than one hour a day

Answers for nutrition section:

If you answered mostly C's, well done!  - you have a balanced diet full of nutrients.

But, if you answered mostly A's and B's -  you need to eat more healthy foods.

Not quite there yet? Don't worry, see links below on how to improve your nutritrition with healthy eating tips.

Eat More Fruit and Vegetables
Choose Healthier Snacks
Choose Water as a Drink

Answers for physical activity section:

If you answered mostly C's, excellent! - you are currently leading an active life!

Mostly A's and B's - you need to be physically active for at least 60 minutes every day.  Check out some physical activity ideas.