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 kids on bikes

Hey you – on your bike!

Cycling is a fun physical activity that you can do all your life.  You can spend time with friends and family and explore your local neighbourhood.  It helps build your fitness and endurance – and gets you enjoying the outdoors too!

As you get older, you can use your bike for transport, recreation or as a sport.If you are under 10, you should be supervised by an adult at all times when you’re riding in any sort of traffic.Sit down with your parents and work out some safe local routes where you can ride on footpaths and quiet streets – with a parent supervising you, of course.

Up to 12 years of age you’re allowed to ride on footpaths. Your parents can also ride with you on the footpath.

It is important that you keep your bike in good condition and know the cycling rules and always cycle with care! See: Safety and Rules (Bicycle Rider Handbook) - NSW Government, Transport Roads and Maritime Services website (opens new window).

Keep safe

It’s really important to stay safe while you’re cycling. Here are some simple things you can do:

  • Always wear an approved bicycle helmet that is fitted properly and fastened to your head.
  • Always obey the road rules, including traffic lights, stop signs and give ways.
  • Give hand signals when changing lanes or turning left or right.
  • Wear visible clothing – bright, light and reflective is best.
  • Plan safe routes and use quiet streets, bicycle paths or shared paths wherever possible.
  • Ride in a predictable manner and maintain control of your bike at all times.  It is an offence to ride with both hands off the handlebars, feet off the pedals or to carry anything that prevents you from having control.
  • Ride with your parent’s supervision when there’s any sort of traffic.

NSW Roads and Traffic Authority also has a useful Handbook for bicycle riders that provides really useful information on road safety, bicycle maintenance, road rules and the legal side of riding your bike. It’s important that you look after your bike too. You can order a free bike maintenance poster here also which tells you the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly maintenance checks you need to do to keep your bike safe and roadworthy. See: Safety and Rules (Bicycle Rider Handbook) - NSW Government, Transport Roads and Maritime Services website (opens new window).

There are lots of different types of cycling you can get into, such as road and track cycling, mountain biking and BMX for the adventurous types to extend their skills.

You can join a club and compete or just enjoy the participation events. There are also different courses if you want to learn to ride.

Also there are 21 state forests throughout NSW that cater for mountain biking. State forests provide families with a great place to learn to mountain bike or take on more challenging terrain. See: Forests: I want to go mountain bike riding - NSW Government, Industry and Investment website (opens new window).