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Skateboarding is a fun recreational activity that’s very popular with kids. It generally involves riding and performing tricks with the skateboard. But the great thing about skateboarding is that you really can do whatever you like!

Skateboarding can be a recreational activity, an artform, a job or a type of transport. Learning to skateboard is a lot of fun, but you should always wear a helmet and protective guards to keep safe.

When you’re starting out, it’s best to practise in your driveway or at a local skate park that’s suitable for beginners. As you get more confident, you can learn some amazing tricks or just enjoy cruising around. 

Skateboarding is a great way to get in shape and improve your overall body balance, posture and flexibility. It’s also less expensive than lots of other sports, recreations or hobbies.

Although most people skateboard for fun, you can join a club and compete in events.

Streetwise is a national grassroots program to teach young people the skills of skateboarding in a fun and safe environment. The program welcomes both boys and girls and encourages them to get involved in freestyle recreational activities. See Skateboarding Australia link below for more info on clubs, events and the Streetwise program.