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Nutrition in Schools

platter of fruit and vegetables

Fresh Tastes @ School - NSW Healthy School Canteen Strategy

Fresh Tastes @ School is all about making sure students in public schools across NSW can choose more healthy foods, more often. 

The NSW Government developed Fresh Tastes @ School because of the growing number of overweight and obese kids and teens in Australia.  Around one in four is now overweight or obese, which is bad for their health.

Since 2005, all public schools in NSW provide foods according to a‘traffic light’ colour system.  Foods are divided into three groups – green, amber and red – which tell you how healthy the food is and how often it should be eaten.

Canteens need to provide the healthy green foods every day and only offer red foods on two days during each school term.

GREEN foods can be eaten everyday as part of a healthy diet, so GO right ahead. Choose and enjoy them!  Green foods include: fruit, vegetables, yoghurt, sandwiches, some milks, some hot food and water.

AMBER foods are not as healthy for you, so go SLOW and choose carefully.  Too many of these foods could make you put on weight.  Amber foods include: fruit juice, big cartons of milk and some hot foods.

RED foods mean you need to STOP!  They are not healthy for you and you should only have them occasionally.  Red foods include: chocolates, fizzy drinks, chips and fatty foods