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What is healthy?

Boy swimming in pool

Good health – for you and your children – is all about striking the right balance between healthy eating and regular physical activity.

It starts from understanding the benefits of being healthy, knowing what is a healthy weight (click here to access the Healthy Weight Calculator for children and teens), and learning more about healthy eating and physical activity for kids.

The good news…

Having a healthy lifestyle, eating well and being physically active helps children to:

  • build strong bones
  • grow and develop healthily
  • improve their concentration at school
  • maintain a healthy weight
  • be alert and active

….and the bad news

Being unhealthy can lead to problems in later life, such as:

  • Type 2 diabetes
  • high blood pressure and cholesterol levels
  • some types of cancers
  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • joint problems and breathing problems
  • being overweight and obese

To help stay fit and healthy, children should: