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Lunch Box Ideas

 healthy packed lunch box

Our top tips:

  • Be creative!

A healthy lunch keeps active kids alert and focused and gives them the nutrition they need every day. But no matter how healthy your child’s lunch box is, it won’t provide any nutritional value if it doesn’t get eaten!

  • Choose from a variety of food types: fruit and vegetables, starchy food, protein and dairy - What to put in the lunch box.
  • Don't forget the WATER!
  • Practical ideas to keep your lunch box not only tasty but safe. Click here for details.
  • Check out these great lunch box recipes and ideas -

our own Kid-Friendly recipes:

- Celery, Ham and Egg Roll-Ups

- Veggie Quesadillas

- Thai Chicken and Brown Rice Salad

- Salmon, Ricotta and Quinoa Cups

- Tuna Felafel and Tabouleh Salad

Mum's United Lunchbox Lifesavers

Packing a healthy lunchbox

(For more sites, see the links below.)

Source: adapted from Lunch box tips, Better Health Channel, Victoria (see links below).


Healthy Lunchbox Posters

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District have recently launched their “Fill it with the 5” Healthy Lunchbox posters.

The poster communicates three key healthy lunchbox messages:

  • Include the 5 food groups
  • Pack water as a drink
  • Keep food safe by packing an ice brick or thermos

Click on the poster below to be taken to South Eastern Sydney Local Health District website where you can download the posters.