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Sport Rage Prevention

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Tips to create positive sporting environments

Sport rage is any violence, foul language, harassment, abuse or bad behaviour by players, coaches, officials or spectators of sport.  It is bad for children and bad for sport.  At its worst, sport rage reduces a child’s enjoyment of sport, risks safety, tarnishes clubs and can lead to people dropping out.

The impact of sport rage on officials

In 2002, the Australian Bureau of Statistics released a report showing that there had been a 26% decline in the number of officials participating in sport between 1997 and 2001.

Follow-up national research by the Australian Sports Commission indicated that lack of respect for, and abuse of, officials was a significant factor contributing to this decline.

It found that the most common reasons for an official quitting were the high level of abuse they received and the lack of respect for their role in the sport.

What Parents can do

Parents can help create a positive sporting environment and reduce sport rage by being good role models.

Sport can do without sport rage. Play your part – stamp out ugly sporting behaviour!

  • Encourage fair play.
  • Respect officials, coaches and opponents.
  • Keep your emotions in check.
  • Uphold your club’s code of conduct.
  • Help kids enjoy sport

Visit 'Sport Rage' (see link below) for a collection of available resources to help clubs manage sport rage including a ‘Tips for Parents’ brochure.