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Learn to Swim

young girl in pool

Children under 4 years generally don’t have the skills needed to learn to swim, so lessons for young children focus on building confidence in the water and learning important water skills through fun activities and games. This includes learning how to float, kick and blow bubbles under water, as well as safety skills such as getting in and out of the water.
Classes for very young children usually involve mum, dad or an adult carer joining their child in the water for the lesson. This helps boost the child’s confidence and the adult learns how to teach and encourage their child once the lessons are finished.

Swimming lessons for children under five are available all year round at most indoor pools. The Swimsafe program (opens new window) runs from November to February each year and has programs for children of all ages, starting from 18 months.Classes are taught by experienced, AUSTSWIM-qualified instructors. Everyone employed by Swimsafe is also screened for their suitability to work in child-related employment.