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Healthy Fundraising

Assorted fruits

Chocolates, cakes, doughnuts and biscuits – they’ve been a staple of fundraising for schools, community groups and local sports teams for a long time.

They might be popular, but promoting and selling unhealthy foods is not a great statement.

However, there are lots of fun ways to raise money that can also highlight the importance of healthy eating for children and adults alike.

Why not think about selling:

  • Dried fruit bags
  • Pikelets or fruit scones
  • Healthy fruit muffins
  • Fruit salad and yoghurt
  • Fresh fruit boxes

You can also hold fundraising events that get you and your children active such as a disco, a sports day or a fun themed trivia night.

Parents and teachers are crucial role models for children on all sorts of issues, including making healthy choices in life. Applying these principles to fundraising can reinforce important messages about healthy eating and physical activity.

The following resources provide some helpful and healthy fundraising ideas for your school or community group.