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Healthy Kids - Fresh Tastes (school canteen strategy)

 healthy school canteen platters

The Fresh Tastes @ School Canteen Strategy is an initiative in NSW schools to encourage children to eat healthier food more often.

Healthy options that meet the Australian Dietary Guidelines for Children and Adolescents are required to be on the canteen menu.

Foods are then classified according to a ‘traffic light’ system to help kids identify healthy choices:

  • Green foods are nutritious and healthy - eating them is encouraged and strongly promoted
  • Amber foods are usually processed but have some nutritional value – they should be selected carefully
  • Red foods are high in kilojoules and/or saturated fat and have little nutritional value – they should not be on the menu more than twice in any school term

It is mandatory for all public schools in NSW to support this initiative, as it is an important way to promote healthy behaviours and healthy eating.

It also provides an opportunity for kids to put into practice what they learn in the classroom about the importance of making healthy food choices.