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Healthy Sports Canteens

 fruit kebabs

Schools in NSW are giving kids healthy food options through the successful Fresh Tastes @ School canteen strategy - and there’s no reason why sports canteens can’t do something similar.

Sports canteens are a great place to promote healthy eating, as they are already part of a great network that encourages physical activity and healthy lifestyles.

Sports canteens and food outlets (including vending machines) in the local sports club can take an active role in offering a wider range of healthy foods and replacing foods and drinks that have a lot of added sugar, salt or saturated fat with healthier alternatives.

Parents and carers can also be a positive role model by making healthier choices when eating out at the local sports club. You can also promote the idea of a healthy sports canteen to your child’s sports club. 

The Fresh Tastes @ School resource has great ideas to help canteen managers and operators provide healthier foods and drinks Fresh Tastes @ School canteen strategy (opens new window).