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Premier's Sporting Challenge

school kids with NSW Premier

The NSW Premier’s Sporting Challenge is an initiative that aims to help children be more active, more often. It is a fun way to get them involved in sports and physical activities and to live a healthy, active lifestyle.

This is how it works

Students from Kindergarten right through to Year 12 are put into teams of up to 12 and challenged to set goals on how much time they will spend each day doing moderate to vigorous activity.

Moderate activities can be as easy as going for a walk, bike riding with friends, skateboarding, playground games, yoga or dancing. Vigorous activities are ones that make you ‘huff and puff’, like football, netball, aerobics, soccer, running, fitness circuits or swimming.

The challenge runs for 10 weeks and students who achieve their goals win a Premier’s Sporting Challenge Bronze, Silver, Gold or Diamond Award.


All NSW public schools are encouraged to be involved.