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Aloha Rice

Bowl of aloha rice


1/2 carrot

1/2 celery stick

1/2 small red or green capsicum

2 spring onions

1 can pineapple rings in natural or unsweetened juice

2 slices reduced fat and reduced salt ham

4 cups cooked rice

4 tbs sweet corn kernels, no added salt

Cracked black pepper, to season

2 tbs reduced fat salad dressing (made from a healthier oil such as canola, sunflower or olive oil)



  1. Wash the carrot, celery, capsicum and spring onion and pat dry with paper towels.
  2. Grate the carrot and put into a mixing bowl.
  3. Slice the celery finely and add to the bowl.
  4. Remove the seeds from the capsicum. Cut into small squares and add to the bowl.
  5. Cut the root end off the spring onion. Slice finely, then add to the bowl.
  6. Cut the pineapple into small squares and add to the bowl.
  7. Slice the ham into small squares and add to the bowl with the cooked rice, sweet corn, pepper and dressing.
  8. Using a spoon, mix thoroughly.
  9. If not using at once, cover with cling wrap (or transfer to a storage container) and refrigerate until needed.

Nutrients Per Serve

Energy 1350kJ
Total Fat 7.0g
Saturated Fat 1.0g
Protein 7.1g
Carbohydrate 55.7g
Fibre 2.5g
Sodium 223mg
Serves 4
Preparation Time 15 minutes
Cooking Time No cooking required (if rice is pre-cooked)

Recipe and image reproduced with permission. © 2013 National Heart Foundation of Australia. For other healthier recipe ideas, visit or phone 1300 36 27 87.