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 Rice and quinoa


Glossary of useful words relating to health, food and nutrients, including vitamins and minerals.

Learn about nutrition and cookery terms in the glossary

Conversion chart

An imperial / metric conversion chart for cooking, which includes volumes, weights and oven temperatures.

Cooking conversion chart

Great recipes

Cooking can be a great way to try new foods – with the added bonus of creating something tasty to eat afterwards!  Whether you want an after-school snack, a weekend treat or a fun activity to do with your friends or family, try these delicious recipes today!

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Star ingredients

Every food is different and can provide important vitamins, minerals and nutrients to boost your health.  Find out more about some of these great ingredients and why they are so good for you.

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All about fats

A healthy balanced diet should include some fat – but it’s crucial to know how much and what type of fat is best for your health. Find out more about fats at the Heart Foundation website (opens new window)

Lunch box ideas

A healthy lunch keeps active kids alert and focused throughout the day. It also makes an important contribution to your child’s daily nutrition intake. Preparing an interesting and nutritious lunchbox doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive – or go uneaten.

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It is important to cut down on the sugary drinks and instead and go for healthier alternatives, like water and milk.


Food allergies are immune reactions to the protein parts of individual foods. The most common foods that can cause allergies (allergens) are: peanut and other nuts; egg; milk; fish; sesame; wheat; and soy.

Managing difficult eaters

Most children go through a stage when they don’t want to eat the meals you’ve prepared, they refuse new foods or only eat a limited range or amount of food. It’s important to manage ‘difficult eating’ early on so that food dislikes that are not genuine don’t get reinforced and that your child continues to eat a variety of nutritious foods to help keep them healthy. For more information, look at our page on Managing Fussy Eaters.

Healthy Kids Association - Solutions for Fussy Eaters: (opens new window)

Healthy shopping list

With so many different products available from the supermarket, it can be hard to know what’s really good for you and your family. Find out how to sort through the endless packaging claims and get the best products.

Food labels: (opens new window) (opens new window)

What is Healthy Eating (opens new window)