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Active Healthy Kids Australia - 2014 Report Card and 2015 Progress Report Card

 Girls riding bikes

Based on the best available evidence from both national and state-based surveys, the Active Healthy Kids Australia Report Card on Physical Activity for Children and Young people was initially released in May 2014. Experts from across Australia evaluated all the evidence and then assigned grades for each indicator with the Report Card.

Overall Physical Activity Levels for Australian kids were graded "D-", despite a "B-" grade for the indicator of Organised Sport and Physical Activity Participation.

In November 2015 a Progress Report Card was published focussing on Active Transport for children and young people. 

 For full details of the research, visit the Active Healthy Kids Australia website (opens new window)  to read the 2015 Progress Report Card (opens new window) or view the previous full report card (opens new window).

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