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Guidelines for Physical Activity and Nutrition in Outside of School Hours Care Centres

young girls cathching AFL ball

In Out of School Hours (OOSH) centres, physical activity most commonly occurs as part of play. OOSH centres can also promote physical activity through organised sport, games and activities and, where needed, engage an external provider to deliver their physical activity program.

NEW: Eat Smart Play Smart online learning modules have been developed to support OSHC services to meet the National Quality Standards that relate to healthy eating and physical activity.

The LMS is based on the Eat Smart Play Smart manual which aims to encourage children to enjoy food preparation, healthy eating and physical activity. https://esps.androgogic.com.au​ 

The new resource Eat Smart, Play Smart - A Manual for Out of School Hours Care, Third Edition (2016) (PDF 5.8MB) helps your service to provide healthy food and physical activity opportunities for your centre. The Manual is a comprehensive nutrition and physical activity resource which aims to encourage children to enjoy food preparation, healthy eating and physical activity every day.

In February 2018, the National Quality Standards (NQS) were revised. Please click here to see the pages of the Eat Smart Play Smart manual that are affected by the NQS changes. The page numbers on the copy of the manual are pages 9-14. 

The Guidelines for Using External Providers for Physical Activity in Out of School Hours Centre (PDF 741 KB) aim to help OOSH centre management committees / coordinators make informed decisions in the selection of an external provider.

There are four parts to the guidelines:

  1. Background – The benefits of physical activity and the role OOSH centres can play in encouraging children to be physically active.
  2. Choosing a provider – A checklist of criteria to consider when hiring an external provider, such as qualifications, insurance cover and equipment.
  3. Responsibilities of the OOSH centre – A checklist of responsibilities an OOSH centre should meet when hiring an external provider, such as child protection, supervision by OOSH staff and consulting with parents and caregivers about the proposed use of a provider and the cost involved.
  4. Further information – A list of organisations and resources that OOSH centres may choose to access.