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Case Study 1 – Woronora River PS

 kids eating fruit and drinking water

Case studies for the Live Life Well @ School program enable you discover how other schools have implemented the program. Sharing this information offers schools various ideas and possible ways of how they too could adopt the program to not only benefit their own school, but also the broader community.

Woronora River Public School
Live Life Well @ School Case Study

Woronora River Public School is working across all aspects of school life – known as a whole-of-school approach – to implement the Live Life Well @ School program.

Students, parents and teachers are all encouraged to have a say in school decision making, which has helped to enhance the program and foster a sense of community within the school.

The school recognises that it is important to engage students, staff and parents because children’s health is strongly influenced by what happens at home, in the family and in the wider community.

One of the first steps taken by Woronora River Public School to implement the Live Life Well @ School program was to survey parents and students about their attitudes to nutrition and their eating habits. The questions focused on breakfast eating, lunchbox contents, fruit and vegetable intake and snack foods and drinks.

The results of the survey contributed towards the development of a statement of priorities to improve knowledge and understanding of healthy nutrition and fundamental movement skills among students, parents and staff.

Follow up surveys will help assess changes in knowledge and eating habits over time.

To help bring about positive change, Woronora River Public School has:

  • established a Nutrition Committee involving student, parent and teacher representatives to improve the school canteen’s nutrition standards and develop a Healthy Eating at School Policy
  • developed a physical activity program for K-6 incorporating fundamental movement skills using the Get Skilled, Get Active resource.
  • held a fruit and vegetable promotion during ‘Fruit and Veg’ week in September 2008, which included fruit and vegetable taste testing sessions with students, a fruit and vegetable promotion by the school canteen and rewards for students who had fruit and vegetables in their lunchbox
  • implemented Crunch&Sip®, a set classroom break for students to eat fruit or vegetables and drink water
  • run staff meetings and informal discussions with parents on Woronora River Public School’s Physical Activity Policy
  • conducted lunchbox and water audits to support Crunch&Sip®
  • introduced fortnightly theme days at the school canteen, such as a mango and apple frappe day

Woronora River Public School has also developed links with the South Eastern Sydney and Illawarra Health Service to help support the implementation of the Live Life Well @ School program.