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Case Study 2 – Broderick Gillawarna PS

 Broderick PS kids being active

Broderick Gillawarna Public School
Live Life Well @ School Case Study

Broderick Gillawarna School, located in Revesby in Sydney’s western suburbs, caters for children aged from four to 18 years who have disabilities.

The nutrition and overall well-being of students have always been primary concerns for their parents, guardians and the school community.

Maria Allerdice, a teacher and member of the Live Life Well @ School team explains that “it is quite challenging trying to change the eating habits and physical activity of the children, but ever since the introduction of this program, there have been plenty of opportunities to tap into much needed resources and support, as well as funding”.

Broderick Gillawarna School has received professional support from the Sydney South West Area Health Service and has invited parents to presentations on the importance of a healthy lunchbox.

In order to adopt one of the major components of Live Life Well @ School program – promoting physical activity – Broderick Gillawarna School organised a mini Olympics for the students and their parents.

The event gave students an opportunity to participate in activities that previously may not have been readily available to them. Children who have difficulty speaking competed in relays, children in wheelchairs threw balls into hoops and almost every child participated in the obstacle course. In addition, nearly all the parents took part in an activity.

At the end of the mini-Olympics, everyone shared in a healthy afternoon tea.

One parent noted that the day was great not only for the kids but for the parents as well. ”Seeing your child not only participate in physical activities but also enjoy it is a great feeling. It was a fun and exciting day for all!”