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Case Study 3 – Banksmeadow PS

  Banksmeadow school kids looking at healthy kids poster

Banksmeadow Public School
Live Life Well @ School Case Study

Banksmeadow Public School is located in Botany, in Sydney’s southern suburbs. The school has an enrolment of 280 students, which includes pre-school students, and a staff of 24 including principal, classroom teachers, a librarian, RFF and STLA teacher counsellors, as well as teacher’s aides and office staff.

It is a predominately Anglo-Saxon school, with 10% of students having an Aboriginal background and 4% per cent of students with culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Banksmeadow Public School is located in an industrial area. However, in recent years many factories and industrial complexes have closed and been replaced by modern housing developments. The area is predominately working class and has a strong local history.

The school has spacious grounds which the students enjoy during physical education activities and lunch time play. There is an active P&C group, which has supported and embraced the changes and initiatives implemented through the Live Life Well @ School action plan.

Some of the positive results from the program include:

  • staff have embraced the Live Life Well @ School initiative and strongly promoted healthy lifestyles during classroom lessons
  • the school has established a native bush garden
  • an increase in the number of students bringing fruit and vegetables to school for Munch, Crunch and Read and Munch, Crunch and Write
  • fruit and vegetable waste from Munch and Crunch is used as compost for the garden and worm farm
  • lunch time has been changed to start at 11:00am, to encourage students to eat a nutritious meal earlier in the day and reduce the amount of ‘sometimes’ food being consumed
  • Fundamental Movement Skills and nutrition lessons have been taught to all students through the Release from Face to Face program
  • resources were distributed to all teachers and classrooms, including posters displayed for students
  • all students took part in the Live Outside the Box program, which encourages them to reflect on their lifestyle and adopt healthy lifestyle habits
  • Healthy Kids facts sheets were included with school newsletters to assist parents with ideas around healthy eating and physical activity
  • students participated in a Walk to School Day and received a fruit salad breakfast when they arrived at school
  • physical activity, healthy eating and cooking have become part of regular homework
  • the school will continue to promote a healthy lifestyle through educational activities and experiences
  • the PDHPE Policy and a Scope and Sequence will be reviewed and updated
  • a review of lunch orders needs to be undertaken and the Fresh Tastes @ School healthy canteen policy is being considered