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Munch & Move

 toddler eating fruit

 What is Munch & Move?

The Munch & Move program aims to promote and encourage children's healthy eating and physical activity and reduce small screen recreation. Through Munch & Move NSW early childhood educators have the opportunity to participate in professional development training that assists them to implement a fun, play-based approach to supporting healthy eating and physical activity habits in young children. The Munch & Move training aligns with the National Quality Framework including the National Quality Standard and the Early Years Learning Framework. The program is a NSW Health initiative with support from the Local Health Districts.

The Munch & Move program offers:  

  • Professional development training, conducted by a registered training organisation.
  • Practical resources to help incorporate active play and healthy eating into learning experiences for young children.
  • Information, ideas and resources for developing and implementing practical physical activity and healthy eating policies and practices within the early childhood setting.
  • Advice and support from local health professionals to assist services to implement the program.
  • Family support materials that provide simple, practical tips and ideas to engage children in active play and healthy eating at home.

Why do we need Munch & Move?

Early childhood is the ideal time for children to form healthy food and physical activity habits that will give them the best chance of maintaining a healthy weight throughout their lives. It is also a great time to cultivate the fundamental movement skills and confidence children need to enjoy physical activities at school.

Many children spend a substantial amount of time in early childhood services, therefore it is important that these services provide an environment that supports and encourages healthy lifestyles for young children with a focus on physical activity and healthy eating. 

The Munch & Move key messages

The six key messages that form the basis of the Munch & Move program are:

  • Encourage and support breastfeeding
  • Choose water as a drink
  • Eat more fruit and vegetables
  • Choose healthier snacks
  • Get active each day
  • Turn off the screen and get active