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The Heart Foundation

Healthy eating and drinking is an important part of looking after your heart.This website explains what a healthy diet is, why it's important and provides simple tips to get the balance right. It also debunks a number of nutrition myths and features a range of healthy, tasty recipes.

Healthy eating: Heart Foundation website (opens new window)

Nutrition Australia

Nutrition Australia aims to provide up-to-date information that has a sound scientific basis. The website answers a number of frequently asked questions on nutrition, as well as materials developed specifically for professionals, parents and students.

Promoting optimal health by encouraging food variety and physical activity - Nutrition Australia website (opens new window)

Australian Food & Grocery Council

This website helps you calculate your daily nutritional needs, based on your age and level of physical activity. The Daily Intake Guide thumbnails also help you to understand what's in a particular product in the supermarket and how it should contribute to your daily diet.

Daily Intake Guide - Australian Food & Grocery Council website (opens new window) 

Sports Dietitians Australia

Sports Dietitians Australia aims to provide up to date sports nutrition information based on sound scientific principles. The Fuelling Active Kids section of the website provides useful nutrition information for active kids across a range of popular sports.

How to Stop the 'Hangry' in Active Kids - Sports Dietitians Australia website (opens new window)

Fuelling and cooling the junior athlete - Sports Dietitians Australia website (opens new window)